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Bruno Mars is the coolest - sings a duo with a 6 year-old fan on Ellen

Kai Langer a 6-year-old boy, got noticed on the web after his parents published a youtube video of him singning Grenade by Bruno Mars. Despite his young age, the boy has ryththm and undeniable swag. 

Undoubtedly Kai is now the star of the schoolyard. No wonder Ellen wanted him on her show! Of course, as we know Ellen, she had a huge surprise in store for the young Kai.

A surprise meet and greet with his fave singer backstage! Not only, he met and took selfies with Bruno Mars, but they even sang Uptown Funk together! Wow, the kid has groove.

One of the most adorable moment of the video is when Bruno greets kay, the boy's face just lights up.  Oh Bruno, you can't do anything wrong! He is so good with Kay! #cuteness

Make sure to watch the video until the end since Ellen has more surprises in store for Kai.