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First trailer for Ian McKellen’s Mr Holmes is here and we’re EXCITED [VIDEO]

Forget Robert Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch, the ultimate Sherlock Holmes is Sir Ian McKellen - who would have thought it?!

The debut trailer for his upcoming movie, Mr Holmes, has just dropped and after watching it on repeat way too many times, it's safe to say we're super excited.

In the flick, which is based on Mitch Cullin's 2005 novel titled A Slight Trick of The Mind, we get to see McKellen portraying the famous detective in the later years of his life (talk about a fresh take on the story!), once he’s retired and living in a remote farmhouse in Sussex, England.

It’s 1947, he has retired from his work and he doesn't exactly interact with too many people, other than his housekeeper, Mrs. Munro (played by Laura Linney) and her young son (played by Milo Parker).

There’s just one thing that’s keeping him from actually enjoying life: The one unsolved case that resulted in his retirement 30 years earlier. Holmes just can’t seem to shake its grip and sets out to solve it once and for all. 

The film premieres in the UK June 19 and later this year in North America. We can’t wait!