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Top 5 early favourites to win Big Brother Canada Season 3

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Top 5 early favourites to win Big Brother Canada Season 3
The third season of Big Brother Canada is in full swing; so too are the secret alliances, lies, rumours, backstabbing, and showmances that have become synonymous with the show. 16 houseguests from across Canada entered the Big Brother household back on March 19th, all vying for the $100,000 cash prize. With twists and turns at every corner, this season is shaping up to be a doozy!
As is usually the case at the beginning of most Big Brother seasons this side of the Atlantic, the house was quickly divided in a battle of the sexes with Risha - the 41-year-old waitress and self-proclaimed cougar from Toronto, ON, Sindy – the irritating beauty pageant queen from Huntsville, ON, Naeha – the uber competitive chiropractor from Toronto, ON and Graig – the dimwitted baseball coach from Pitt Meadows, BC, all having been quickly shown the door.
History has taught us that in the early stages of the Big Brother game, it’s beneficial to lay low, establish solid alliances, play a smart social game, and try not to get any blood on your hands. This means throwing competitions when strategically beneficial. Strong competitors need to practice restraint, especially at the beginning so as to not tip their hands too soon.  This wisdom was clearly lost on Risha, Sindy, Naeha and Graig, who were all sent packing – and that’s sent with an S in case you are reading this Sindy.
It’s all about expecting the unexpected when it comes to Big Brother. Just when the contestants think they have things figured out; the show adds another twist and chaos ensures. A lot can change from now until the winner is crowned, that being said, here are my early favourites to take home the top prize:
1) Zack Oleynik
A 22-year-old university student from Regina, SK. Zack is a pre-med student and quarterback of his university football team. With the brains and the brawn needed to go to the end, Zach has formed an airtight alliance with Jordan, another early favourite to win the game. Zach also has a budding showmance developing with fellow houseguest Ashleigh which could serve as a strategic advantage given the fact that each of the previous two Big Brother winners were involved in quasi-romantic relationships while in the house.
2) Jordan Parhar
A 21-year-old university student from Cloverdale, BC. Jordan prepared for his time on the show by studying ways be an effective manipulator – and it appears to be paying off in spades! Jordan is playing a calculated game, comfortably under the radar and working in cahoots with Zack as part of the secret Newport Alliance.  
3) Ashleigh Wood
A 21-year-old who is currently unemployed from Calgary, AB.  Ashleigh is a member of the Chop Shop alliance, she is on very good terms with the other female houseguests, and she appears to be on the verge of falling for Zach in this season’s most intriguing showmance.  Most important, everyone seems to like her. Ashleigh appears to be well positioned to make it far in the game.
4) Pilar Nemer
A 22-year-old student of Mexican decent now living in Dartmouth, NS. Pilar was nominated in week one of the competition which usually isn’t a good sign. She weathered the storm however and now appears to have settled into the game. There aren’t any targets on Pilar’s back as of yet, she is keeping it on the down-low and has the potential to coast to the finale.
5) Kevin Martin

A 22-year-old professional poker player from Calgary, AB. Kevin is my wild card pick – appropriate given his profession. Kevin is playing a fantastic social game, and he has proven himself to be a competition beast. Kevin seems to have the uncanny ability to turn the tables when it looks like he might be the target for eviction. Will his intelligence, charisma and flirtatious nature be enough to carry him to the end?