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Top 10 best sports logos in Canada - these teams have some pretty sweet merch!

Total revenue generated from sports merchandising in the North American market is projected to reach $13.5 billion US dollars in 2015. That’s big bucks! Hardcore sports fanatics, casual fans, and fashionistas alike, love to support their favourite teams by donning their logos and colours on everything from sports jerseys and baseball caps to Christmas tree ornaments and designer cufflinks. If you can think it, chances are you’ll be able to find it adorned with the crest of your local sports team.   

Canada has an abundance of sports franchises to support. Professional sports leagues like the NHL, MLB, NBA, CFL, MLS, and CHL each have franchises that call Canada home. It’s a great country to be a sports fan! 

Sports logo aesthetics have (thankfully) come a long way since the 90’s which saw a myriad of classic designs steeped in history and tradition replaced by cartoonish teal and purple infused crests.  Nowadays, teams seem to be going back to their roots, introducing clean and simple logos that are likely to stand the test of time. 

Here are the 10 best sports logos currently in use by Canadian-based sports franchises:

10. Hamilton Bulldogs / Hockey / OHL 
A menacing bulldog with piercing red eyes and razor sharp teeth enclosed in a spiked collar…it doesn’t get more badass than that!

9. Halifax Mooseheads / Hockey / QMJHL
What’s more Canadian than a giant moose head? The logo is clean, classic, and instantly recognizable.  

8. Toronto Raptors / Basketball / NBA
Canada’s lone NBA franchise recently partnered with rapper Drake to help redesign their dribbling dino into something a little sleeker. 

7. Ottawa Gee-Gees / University Athletics / Ontario University Athletics
The Gee-Gees charging horse logo is one of the most iconic in Canadian university athletics. 

6. London Knights / Hockey / OHL
The London Knights have redesigned their crest multiple times since their inaugural 1968/69 season. Kudos to their graphic artist for coming up with this gem. 

5. Calgary Flames / Hockey / NHL
The flaming red C is as fresh and exciting a design today as it was when it was first unveiled more than thirty years ago. Classic.

4. Vancouver Whitecaps / Soccer / MLS
A stylized representation of Vancouver’s iconic white-capped mountains and white-crested waves, the logo is beautifully symmetrical with colours reminiscent of the city’s Pacific oceanfront landscape. 

3. Toronto Blue Jays / Baseball / MLB 
Distinctly Canadian, the iconic maple leaf is featured prominently in the Blue Jays logo.  The team’s rebranding initiative in 2012 was spot on with this one. 

2. Saskatchewan Roughriders / Football / CFL
Arguably the most beloved sports franchise in all of Canada, Roughriders’ merchandise regularly outsells certain NFL teams south of the border. Mind boggling given the market size of Regina!

1. Montreal Canadiens / Hockey / NHL
The bleu, blanc et rouge have one of the most iconic identities in all of professional sports. The CH are a storied franchise and is our pick for having Canada’s best sports logo.