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The Amazing Race Canada: 4 Kickass Teams Worth Watching

Photo credit : The Amazing Race Canada
The Amazing Race Canada: 4 Kickass Teams Worth Watching
The third installment of The Amazing Race Canada is in full swing with eight teams still in the mix to take home a grand prize consisting of $250K. Now at the one-third mark of the race, our Canadian jetsetters have already travelled more than 20,000 kilometers, having made pit stops in Toronto, Santiago, Buenos Aires, and Halifax – that’s a lot of frequent flyer miles!

This once in a lifetime experience has seen the teams complete a myriad of challenges, ranging from traditional Argentinian tango dancing to simulated deep-sea lobster diving. There’s no telling what this race against time has in store next for the remaining contestants but one thing’s for sure, there is no rest for the weary. Buckle up Canada and enjoy the ride, this competition should be a doozy and we can’t wait to see which duo crosses that finish line first! 

Lead changes and momentum shifts are to be expected on the Amazing Race Canada, which makes it difficult to pinpoint frontrunners. Case in point, Hamilton and Michaelia, who, until a lost passport took them out, were looking like serious contenders to take home the top prize. Their untimely elimination is proof that any team is vulnerable after one bad leg of the race; consistency and keeping cool under pressure are clearly both paramount to success.

Understanding that a lot can change in the coming weeks, four teams have emerged as potential favourites to win the top prize. I didn’t do too great in my Big Brother Canada season 3 predictions earlier this year, here’s hoping my intuition is more on point this time around.
  1. Nic La Monaca and Sabrina Mercuri, lovebirds from Montreal, Quebec: Their ability to speak four languages has already served them well during the South American stage of the race. Funny, supportive, and athletic (Nic is a former professional soccer player), Nic and Sabrina appear to have the necessary skillsets to win the race.

    Credit : CTV/The Amazing Race 
  2. Gino Montani and Jesse Montani, brothers from Hamilton, Ontario: These guys (who look like they just stepped out of a GQ photoshoot) have an infectious, never-give-up mentality and have proven themselves to be a real force to be reckoned with. They are charismatic, energetic and able-bodied enough to take on just about any physical challenge that comes their way with relative ease. Is $250,000.00 in their future?  

    Credit : CTV/The Amazing Race 
  3. Neil Lumsden and Kristin Lumsden, father/daughter duo from Burlington, Ontario: Does the Lumsden family name sound familiar? It should. Neil is a retired hall of fame CFL fullback who played for the Toronto Argonauts, Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Edmonton Eskimos in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Both fiercely competitive, they appear to have the mental toughness and tenacity to trounce the competition. 

    Credit : CTV/The Amazing Race
  4. Nick Forti and Matt Giunta, professional wrestling teammates from Richmond Hill and Newmarket, Ontario: Never judge a book by its cover! When it comes to Nick and Matt, there is a lot more to their skillset than initially meets the eye. The “Asylum and Burns” tag team has already masterminded a clever workaround solution to the blind soccer challenge and to date have regularly finished amongst the leaders during each leg of the race. 

    Credit : CTV/The Amazing Race
Be sure to check out The Amazing Race Canada Season 3 Wednesdays at 9:00pm EST on CTV.