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Top 5 lessons we learned at Heavy Montreal 2015

Photo credit : Katherine Dydyk
Top 5 lessons we learned at Heavy Montreal 2015
Another week, another music festival behind us! Just four days after we said goodbye to Osheaga’s 10th birthday bash, we found ourselves heading back to Parc-Jean Drapeau for Heavy Montreal.

With legend Iggy Pop scheduled to play on Saturday and Slipknot closing out the weekend on Sunday, we knew we were in for a good time, no matter what else went down. Turns out, there were way more epic moments to to take in than we even expected. Here’s everything they taught us:

Subtle Covers Are A Thing
It started when Alexisonfire’s Dallas Green worked a few lines from Drake’s ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’ into the band’s reunion set (probably to see if anyone in the crowd would catch on, which they did), then Korn followed that up by sampling Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock’s ‘It Takes Two’ between two tracks. The latter we didn’t really get, but hey, to each their own.

Billy Talent Knows How To Shut Down Haters
Say what you want, but no matter how great an album is, it won’t translate live if stage presence is lacking. Despite critics questioning Billy Talent’s ‘heaviness’, the band’s banter and energy helped solidify their set as one of the most memorable of the weekend. After all, when have you ever seen a frontman pausing to talk to the camera guy? And why else would someone have chosen their performance as the perfect time to propose?

Being Front Row For Iggy Pop Really Pays Off
When you’re close to a legend, good things are bound to happen. Like seeing every little detail, intricacy and facial expression that accompanies each lyric… or catching Iggy Pop’s water bottle, finishing it off and praying it gives you rock god-like superpowers. Pretty sure I feel my ‘cool’ factor rising...

Slipknot Must Be HUGE In Japan
The second the red theatre-like curtain rose and Slipknot took to the stage, there was so much going on, we were enjoying some serious sensory overload. Between the set, the flames, the new masks and each member doing something completely different, it’s clear why Slipknot is huge in Japan, and everywhere else in the world, for that matter. THIS is what a good show looks like.

Nothing More Should Be Your New Favorite Band
After hearing great hings about San Antonio, Texas band Nothing More, we decided to check out a couple of songs… and ended up staying for the whole set. From their music to the energy of the fans crowding around the small stage and singing along (which made the performance feel like a secret club gig) and on-stage insanity (picture three guys playing one guitar), it was impossible to look away. We’re still unsure how these guys aren’t on everyone’s radar, but they’re about to do great things. Trust us.

BONUS: Metalheads Loooove Hugs

Just take a look at what happened when Montrealers Exes For Eyes asked the crowd to help them execute the biggest hug ever attempted during the fest — even security got in on the game. Awww.