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Top 5 fun ways university students can spend $50

Photo credit : Fabienne Legault
Top 5 fun ways university students can spend $50
Let’s be honest: A lot of fun can be had with 50 bucks, especially when you get it for free. If you’re a cash-strapped college student all you have to do is get a little creative. That $50 can mean the difference between a low-key Saturday night spent alone in your dorm room (possibly crying and eating ice cream out of a bucket) and a fun weekend spent with friends.
Now, we know money doesn’t grow on trees, but there is something growing in the TELUS garden. What does that mean? Well, all students who sign up for TELUS’ Internet 25 package will not only be saving money, they’ll also be treated to a $50 Visa Prepaid Card.
That’s right, unlike most grants, the TELUS $50 Fun Grant isn’t just reserved for a lucky few, it’s for everyone who loves to have fun. In other words, all students are eligible. Here are five fun ways to spend your fun grant:
Fund A (Fun) Kickstarter Project
There has been many a time when we’ve wanted to fund a Kickstarter project just because it was crazy, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to blow money on something ridiculous. Loophole: This isn’t really your money and you might actually get something wacky and fun out of it, so why not?

Build A Giant Slip 'n Slide
Relive everyone’s favorite childhood pastime by crafting a homemade slip ’n slide — all you need is a lawn, plastic sheeting, a garden hose and liquid soap (or bubble bath!). Take things to the next level and build a GIANT one you can hold races on and go, go, go!

Enjoy A Staycation
Rent a room in your favourite part of town for a night using Airbnb and be a tourist in your own city. You’ll feel like you’re on vacation, without having to travel and spend a fortune on a hotel. Stay in and disconnect from the world for 24 hours, or go out and see how many fun free activities you can find, like an outdoor show and picnic in the park.
Organize A Jell-O Wrestling Match
That’s right, we said Jell-O wrestling match. Pool your resources together with friends and buy enough of the delicious treat to fill a kiddy pool and making it (in a variety of flavours, of course) is part of the fun. Just be sure not to eat it all as you go along! Once it sets and is ready to go, get ready for the most fun mess you’ll ever make.
Host An Epic Water Balloon Fight
Take your newfound $50, head to the closest party store and go wild, arming yourself with as many balloons as you can buy. Small balloons are easy to launch, but the bigger balloons are perfect for a devious sneak attack. Fill them with water and invite everyone you know (and their friends… and their friends…) to take part in the most epic water balloon fight imaginable.
Note: New customers or students who sign up for TELUS Internet 25 package for $30/month for 12 months (or any other Internet tier) are eligible to receive the TELUS $50 Fun Grant, for a limited time.

Check out the offer at telus.com/student