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When Rihanna gave her mic to a fan, she had no idea THIS would happen [VIDEO]

Rihanna was performing in Cincinnati as part of her Anti tour when she got the surprise of a lifetime.

While singing "FourFiveSeconds”, she got close and personal with her fans, walking up to the front row and pointing the mic in one lucky young man's face. What did she want him to do? Sing, of course! What did she think he would do? Sing... but not this well! 

To her utter amazement, Terah Jay didn’t miss a single beat and his voice was AHHHHMAZING. As RiRi’s jaw dropped, so did ours. The pipes on this guy - OMG.

As a bonus, another fan filmed the mega fan freaking out after his cameo and totally losing it with his BFF. We’d be losing our cool, too. So dope! Check it: