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5 Toronto R&B artists you should know (who aren't Drake or The Weeknd)

Photo credit : @we_are_wilde
5 Toronto R&B artists you should know (who aren't Drake or The Weeknd)
The current dominance and popularity of Drake and The Weeknd has boosted Toronto’s cultural relevance abroad seemingly overnight and right now, the city is overflowing with boundless talent. Backed by electronic instrumentals and atmospheric flows, as well as an embellishment of grit, Toronto's R&B scene is experiencing an awakening and it's really hard not to get excited. Especially when you've got artists as talented as these 5 leading the future generation of superstars!
A l l i e - @alliemoves

A l l i e’s vibe has us feeling like we’re drowning in some sort of sensual sea. Songs like Remedy have us craving for a full album in the near future, but in the mean time, you can start learning more about her with her excellent 2013 EP, Strange Creature.

Brendan Philip - @BrendanPhilipOfficial

With his undeniably soulful vocals, Brendan Philip is an artist worth keeping an eye on because he is on the verge of blowing up real soon! Make sure to check out his self-titled EP on Dine Alone Records out now and get ready to say 'I discovered him first' when everyone else catches up.

Daniel Caesar - @DANNYixxi

Daniel Caesar relies on subtler production for a more refined approach. The easy comparison here is Frank Ocean, but Caesar establishes his own lane by revisiting concepts. His 2014 Praise Break is as intriguing as it is dazzling!

WILDE - @We_Are_Wilde
WILDE has a penchant for darker tones. The group is multidisciplinary, sometimes drifting closer to the electronic side of things, but never straying too far away from R&B's roots. Check out their Soundcloud page to explore their diversified style and get ready to fall in love.

Rochelle Jordan - @rochelle_jordan

Rochelle Jordan’s 1021 had some of the best R&B singles of 2014. With her incredibly bold flow, her delivery always seems effortless and there's no doubt she is destined for greater things.

Honorable mentions have to go out to dvsn and Lemon, too! Who are your fave Canadian artists of the moment?