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Petition asks Disney to give Elsa a girlfriend in Frozen 2 - will you sign it?

Photo credit : @McDebnam
Petition asks Disney to give Elsa a girlfriend in Frozen 2 - will you sign it?
Frozen, the highest-grossing animated film of all time, is getting a sequel (we know you secretly can’t wait!) and some fans of the movie have a seriously cool idea for Disney: Give Elsa a girlfriend.

#GiveElsaAGirlfriend begin trending as questions arose around the fact that none of Disney’s 12 movie releases in 2015 featured any LGBT characters, whether it be leading roles or smaller parts. This cause Disney to fail GLAAD’s annual Studio Responsibility Index whose aim is to show just how well (or poorly) the LGBT community is represented in movies and on TV.

“Of all the studios tracked in this report, Walt Disney Studios has the weakest historical record when it comes to LGBT-inclusive films,” GLAAD concluded. “For the first time since beginning this report, GLAAD did not find any LGBT-inclusive content among Disney’s yearly slate of films.”

Disney’s failure is something a lot of folks think the studio should set right and we have to agree. Plus, if there was ever a time to get more progressive, it’s now, wouldn’t you say? 

What’s more, Frozen 2 is THE most logical choice for such a game-changing move, seeing as the ridiculously catchy (and, at time, uber annoying) “Let It Go” has actually become a LGBT anthem.

You can expect to see Frozen 2 hit theatres in 2017/2018, which means there’s still plenty of time to throw a GF into the mix.

What do you think of the idea of giving Elsa a girlfriend?