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Justin Trudeau cookie cutters? Yes, please!

Photo credit : Liberal
Justin Trudeau cookie cutters? Yes, please!
Picture this: A fun summer picnic with all your friends and our very own Canadian superstar Justin Trudeau (we hear that he’s also the prime minister). Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? Well, it is now a feasible dream!

The Liberals have really outdone themselves with this new product. You can officially purchase custom Justin Trudeau cookie cutters from the political party’s online boutique. The popularity of our — exceptionally handsome —  prime minister can no longer be questioned thanks to these new goodies.

Yes, we already know our prime minister is a mouth-watering piece of eye candy, but now he is actually edible! We’re thinking Trudeau mixed with chocolate chips sounds like the perfect match right about now. We’ll take 50 please.
Source : Liberal

The best part? Well, these amazing/ludicrous cookie cutters are ON SALE. Yup, for only $9.99 you’ll be able to unleash your inner Liberal masterchef and show the world your baking skills.

It's time for summer poolside gatherings and picnics in the park. You’ll definitely be the center of attention with your exclusive cookies. We suggest starting to send out invitations to your next summer bash, “The Liberal party” (get it?), with special guest appearance by Justin Trudeau.

Oh, and if you were wondering, no matter the ingredients in the dough, your Trudeau cookies will definitely taste like Canadian pride with a dash of “OMG, Trudeau is so hot”.