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Selena Gomez joins James Corden for an EXTREME carpool karaoke [VIDEO]

Photo credit : @j_corden
Selena Gomez joins James Corden for an EXTREME carpool karaoke [VIDEO]
It was about time for Selena Gomez to star in The Late Late Show’s famous segment of ‘Carpool Karaoke’ with host James Corden. In this special edition, the two stars went on what we consider to be a wild adventure, making their first pit stop at a Los Angeles amusement park !


Selena Gomez wanted to make a memorable first appearance in 'Carpool Karaoke', probably to outdo the THREE appearances of her ex-boo Justin Bieber on the late night show's segment.
Yup, Selena had the fantastic idea to take the carpool karaoke to new heights by making a quick detour to perform her hit song ‘Come & Get It’ — wait for it — on a ROLLER COASTER.

We should probably mention that James Corden is absolutely terrified of heights, hence his entertaining facial expressions throughout the ride (we’re surprised he still managed to hit all the high notes #SLAY).

The roller coaster ride left the 23 year-old singer and the host craving fast food, giving them the perfect reason for a quick stop at McDonald's. The pair also sampled many of Selena’s biggest hits, ending the car ride with her bff Taylor Swift’s popular song ‘Shake It Off’. 

Check out the priceless video below to find out what it takes to be part of Selena and Taylor’s squad!