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The Spice Girls anthem 'Wannabe' gets a feminist spin #WhatIReallyReallyWant

Photo credit : #WhatIReallyReallyWant video
The Spice Girls anthem 'Wannabe' gets a feminist spin #WhatIReallyReallyWant
For the 20th anniversary of the hit ‘Wannabe’ by the Spice Girls, we got an amazing feminist remake. The 2016 version of the 90’s classic anthem is now all about fighting for worldwide women’s rights.

The United Nations’ new initiative, The Global Goals, is behind the production of the video remake. Goal #5 of the 17 global goals is highlighted in the video: gender equality.


In the last day, the video has gone viral, being shared more than half a million times on Facebook. The movement sparked the use of the hashtag #WhatIReallyReallyWant, for women to express what they want to improve or change in women's rights. 

The video features young girls and women, in multiple scenarios all calling for equal pay for women, end of violence against women, education and end of child marriage.

Many celebrities have taken to social media to show their support and to express what they really really want. Among those, Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and outspoken feminist, Emma Watson.
The most striking messages and pictures will be shown to world leaders at the United Nations’ Sustainable Development summit this fall.

So ladies, what do YOU want? If you 'wannabe' part of this historic movement, don't forget to tag your photos with the hashtag #WhatIReallyReallyWant