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Top 5 Tattooers Who Have Us Seriously Excited For Art Tattoo Montreal

Photo credit : ArtTattooMontreal
Top 5 Tattooers Who Have Us Seriously Excited For Art Tattoo Montreal
The 14th edition of Art Tattoo Montreal is headed to Place Bonaventure (800 de La Gauchetiere West) next week and we. can’t. wait. Bringing together over 250 artists from around the world, Art Tattoo Montreal is promising three action-packed days (September 9, 10, 11) catering to tattoo and all-around art lovers alike. In addition to mingling with talented artists, you’ll also be able to enjoy live music, shop for cool clothing and accessories and pick up some awesome books, comics and limited edition art pieces.
Piew Choquette // Tatouage Electric Ave. // Montreal
Specializing in traditional old school tattoos, Montreal’s Piew Choquette is truly a local tattoo legend. He got his first tattoo when he was just 15 years old and his passion for the craft has only grown since then. After working at numerous shops across the city for eight years, he decided to open his own studio — Tatouage Electric Ave. — on Beaubien East, which is also home to four other talented artists.

Henry Lewis // Skull & Sword // San Francisco
One of the biggest names at this year’s convention is none other than the inimitable Henry Lewis. The San Francisco-based painter and tattooer began tattooing a decade ago and has since become one of the greatest artists in the business. Take a look at his oil paintings and you’ll be blown away. Browse through his tattoo catalog and your jaw will hit the floor. When it comes to tattooing, it doesn’t get much better than Henry Lewis. 

Esther Mulders // XS Tattoo // Montreal
After studying fine art for three years, Esther turned her sights to tattooing, which she began pursuing full-time a couple of years ago. Painting and drawing since she was a little girl, Esther now creates stunning black and grey tattoos with beautiful intricate details. Start scrolling through her Instagram and you’ll soon find yourself admiring her work, which is both custom and flash, for hours.

I did two of these Kewpie's riding a moth yesterday, so fun. This one is sandwiched between two @cheydry tats.

A photo posted by Esther Mulders (@esther_mulders) on

Horishin // Capsule Tattoo // Japan
Tattooing with a modern-day tattoo machine, but also practicing tebori (traditional hand poked tattooing), Japan’s Horishin learned the ancient craft from tebori master Horimasa before opening his own studio. Unless you’re planning to travel to Japan any time soon, this may be your only chance to get work done by a talented foreign artist whose ability to design bold, colourful, highly detailed tattoos is unrivalled. 

Angus P. Byers // DFA Tattoos // Montreal 
Passionate about art from an extremely young age, Angus pursued Fine Arts in college while dreaming up his own comics and playing in a band. He started on his professional career
path as a makeup and special effects artist for B movies and indie flicks before accepting a tattoo apprenticeship under Montreal tattoo powerhouse Melissa Valiquette. Nowadays, he is a full-fledged tattooer in his own right who tackles every style imaginable and does them all total justice.

Single-day tickets cost $20 and weekend passes are $50.
Opening Hours
Friday, September 9: 6pm - Midnight 
Saturday, September 10: 11am - 11pm
Sunday, September 11: 11am - 7pm