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Dealing With Insomnia and Other Health Issues While Touring

The life of a touring musician is one that's easily romanticized. After all, the idea of dropping everything to go across the country in a van or tour bus is hard to resist. However, while touring allows you to say goodbye to your day job and household stressors for a bit, there are plenty of other problems you can bring on the road with you, many of which you might not anticipate.

Health for a Touring Musician
You might be eager to embrace a rock 'n' roll lifestyle of decadence and excess when you go out on your first tour. That might work for the first couple nights, before you have to cancel your entire tour due to not having your act together. Just because you're leaving home for an extended period of time does not mean you're going on vacation. A tour should be treated like a business trip. You must exercise personal discipline and responsibility on a daily/nightly basis in order to prove your worth to venues and audiences.

Plenty of musicians will tell you about the toll touring takes on you. What might seem like a great way to get away from it all can soon become something you want to desperately get away from. This is especially true if you're an upstart band who has to deal with stress related to low pay and not knowing if you'll have a place to stay each night of the tour.

Being a new touring musician is more than likely to put a strain on your sleeping schedule. You'll be sleeping in unfamiliar places, and the number of hours of sleep you do get will be influenced by a variety of factors, such as the time/location of your next show and how soon that night's show wraps up. Being on tour can also make you restless and anxious, which can contribute significantly to insomnia. Dealing with insomnia is no fun for anyone and can be a huge burden when on tour. If you're awake when you need to be asleep, then you're likely to be asleep when you need to be awake. You can help fight insomnia on tour by adhering to a healthy lifestyle and practising mindfulness meditation.

In order to perform music well, you need to fuel your body properly. Unfortunately, as you cruise the highways looking for a bite to eat, you might feel that fast food is your only option. However, you can eat healthily while on tour. All it requires is just a bit of planning.

Before leaving for tour, stock up on non-perishable, healthy snacks. Consider things like dried fruits that will provide you with the necessary nutrition. When you come to a new city, look for restaurants that are affordable and have nutritious meals. Stuffing yourself with junk will make you lethargic when it comes time to play.

Emotional Health
Being on tour can stir a wide variety of feelings, from exhilaration to melancholy. The pressure of touring might get to you and cause you to act in ways you don't mean to or fall into a funk. It is always positive to keep morale high and avoid emotional issues such as depression. You can help keep your emotions in check by practising mindfulness meditation, discussing issues and topics openly with your bandmates, self reflection, and writing about your feelings. By following these tips for your health on tour, you can help ensure that your experiences on the road are as stress-free as possible.